Know your C.U.P.S.

Be Aware

There are four clear signs of alcohol poisoning- Cold skin, Unresponsive, Puking, and Slow breathing.

BE Aware and know your C.U.P.S. Use this page to learn what they are, so that you know when to call for help.

The four signs

Not sure if a situation is alcohol poisoning? There are 4 signs of alcohol poisoning you should look for. To help you remember, use the acronym of C.U.P.S.

C - cold skin

Alcohol affects parts of the brain that maintain a healthy body temperature. Too much alcohol can stop this part of the brain from working and can cause your organs to shut down. People with alcohol poisoning can be cold to the touch.

U - unresponsive

When a person has consumed so much alcohol that they can’t function normally they may not be able to respond to anything. It's like alcohol anesthesia.

P - puking

Alcohol poisoning causes people to puke. Puking won't lower a person's BAC, but it can make a person even more dehydrated. Alcohol also inhibits a person's gag reflex. This might make a person choke on their own vomit or breath it into their lungs.

S - slow breathing

Alcohol also affects the part of the brain that regulates breathing. Breaths can become slow, shallow and irregular. A person may even have fewer than 8 breaths per minute. If a person isn't breathing enough, they aren't getting enough oxygen to their brain.

know the Signs

Do you think you know the signs of alcohol poisoning? We’ll see about that. Choose the 4 signs to look for:

Cold Skin

Uncontrollable Dancing

Loud Screaming



Slow Breathing

I'm Done

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Many people believe that once you grow up the dream of being a superhero fades. This isn’t the case, if you’re at a party and you see someone who needs help, BE There for them and be a superhero.

Be aware

There are four clear signs of alcohol poisoning- C.U.P.S. BE Aware and know your C.U.P.S. so that you know when to call for help.

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