About BeWise

BE Wise strives to generate awareness of alcohol poisoning, how to avoid it, its signs, and how to respond to it. Our message is simple: let's BE Wise about our drinking and look out for each other. Explore the BE Wise site, educate yourself about what alcohol poisoning really is, and remember: don’t make tonight a night that you’ll wish you could rewind tomorrow.

Learn more about BE Wise at the upcoming BE Wise BE-BQ on the Quad! Details available here: http://bit.ly/2cX9Q3M

Be real, know your limits

We all have limits. After all, we're only human. Everyone's limit is different and it’s important to know yours. We’ve got some tools that might help.
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Be there, make the call

Don’t leave your friends (or anyone else) hanging. It's up to you to get them help when they’re in trouble. It’s as easy as dialing 911.
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Be aware, know your C.U.P.S.

There are four clear signs of alcohol poisoning. It’s important to know them so that you know when to call for help.
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Meet Party F. Owl

As an owl, I'm known to be one of the wisest animals, but even I make mistakes. As you check out the site, you'll see me making LOTS of mistakes and trying to learn from them.

Mistakes like alcohol poisoning can happen to the best of us. That's why it's so important for us to know our limits, know the signs, and know how to respond.

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